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Paramatha Foundation

Bali & Villas is collaborating with Paramatha Foundation. Paramatha Foundation is a foundation deals with social activities and was established to help people who need without discriminating groups, religions, and races. With its huge passion to help people, Paramatha Foundation dedicates its services in humanity for a better tomorrow.

Paramatha Foundation does no confine its service and assistance. This foundation has a wide range of services and assistances dealing with social and humanity. They can be blood donor activity, free medicinal treatment, orphanage and foster home development, direct assistance to those who need in material, financial, guidance and development.  In order to broaden network, improve assistance and give better services, Paramatha Foundation does not work in itself. It does not work alone instead of cooperating with other foundations or institutions in the same visions and missions. This may give assistance to those who need easier, since it is very possible to reach places all over Bali, as well as to provide faster services.

The funding resource of Paramatha Foundation comes from donation which report is delivered periodically, clearly and transparently.  The foundation is holding on honesty in dealing with the fund and financial reports. Paramatha Foundation is the real contributions of many parties, many people behind the foundation to sincerely and voluntarily help every person who needs. This is a big manifestation of those people - the founder and team behind the humanity, the people behind the passion to help, the people behind the name of Paramatha Foundation. For us, giving is not merely helping people who need to make them live better and happier, but also create a better and happier life for the giver in turn. This is a cycle of “the ultimate truth” we want to reveal behind the great meaning of “Paramatha”, in which both the giver and the recipient get the priceless value of life. Since we believe that life is not about asking, it is about giving others. Life is about to delivering the best to others, and that is how Paramatha represents.